Thronehold Sewer Workers Guild

Street sweepers, vermin slayers, subterranean tinkers, exterminators, conjurers and abjurers of filth- the Members of the Sewer Workers Guild are unnoticed by most and unthanked by all. The guild is responsible for the operation of the city’s vast subterranean tunnel network. Repair work and extermination occupy much of the guild member’s time, but these menial tasks serve to mask the guild’s true nature.

The Guild’s leader is Smiling Gordin, a miraculously awakened gelatinous cube, originally brought into the sewers because of its ability to scour passageways clean simply by oozing through them. The origin of Gordin’s intelligence is unknown, but the quality of that intelligence is unquestioned. Communicating by gelationus convulsions that manipulate the vocal cords of various heads absorbed into his body and not yet dissolved, Gordin has built the Sewer Workers Guild into one of the most powerful spy rings in the region.
Utilizing their near invisible status and all city access to the fullest, Gordin and the sewer workers maintain good relations with the above ground Guild of

Type: Spy Ring
Scale: 6
Powers: research, assassination, pariah

Affiliation Score

Character level
is deformed or maimed +1
is goblin +2
5 or more ranks in Hide or Disguise +1 per skill
can cast divination spells of 3rd level or higher +6
sneak attack +2d6 or higher +4
bring back ooze sample +1 per sample
Complete mission +4
live in sewers +4
Is double agent in another spy ring +6
Fail mission – 6
followed by Wardens or member of rival affiliation into the tunnels – 2
No ranks in hide,spot,listen,sense motive -1 per skill

3 or lower no affiliation
4-10 squatter The sewer workers allow you to squat at night in the tunnels
11-20 Rat Runner 2 to Gather Info checks in the city
21-29 Ooze Master 4 to move silent/hide checks in sewer
30+ Guild Father Re-roll failed spot/listen check 3x day, +4 restance bonus to saves vs disease

Thronehold Sewer Workers Guild

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