Dragonmark Houses

Ranked by level of presence and influence in the Karrnathi region

House Deneith: Mark of the Sentinel. Human. Blademarks Guild and Defenders Guild. The foundation of this dragonmarked house is based in Karrlakton

House Cannith: Mark of Making. Human. Tinkers Guild and Fabricators Guild

House Kundarak: Mark of Warding. Dwarf. Banking Guild and Warding Guild.

House Orien: Mark of Passage. Human. Couriers Guild and Transportation Guild

House Vadalis: Mark of Handling. Human. Handlers Guild

House Ghallanda: Mark of Hospitality. Halfling. Hostelers Guild.

House Lyrandar: Mark of Storm. Half-elf. Windwrights Guild and Raincallers Guild.

House Jorasco:Mark of Healing. Halfling. Healers Guild

House Sivis: Mark of Scribing. Gnome. Notaries Guild and Speakers Guild

The other houses: Medani/Mark of detection, Tharashk/Mark of Finding, Thuranni and Phiarlan/Mark of Shadow have no official presence in Thronehold or Karrnath

Dragonmark Houses

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