Banditos eh?

Return to Thronehold

After returning to Thronehold and fencing the loot, the party resumed thier usual activities. While looking for work 3 seperate offers came in.

Hollis was escorted before the Ambassador from Aundair and warned that if tangible evidence comes to light that he was involved with the assault on Gralpin Kucharski, the ambassador would have no difficulty extraditing him to face Karnathi Justice. If he wanted to, Hollis could undertake a mission to get back on the ambassadors good side or sever his remaining ties to the Aundarian Royal Eyes

Lodos recieved a cryptic encoded message from a former friend and contact. This contact had not been heard from in neigh on a decade and was pressumed dead. The message is an old meet point established towards the end of The Last War. The rendezvous point lies within the Mournland.

Remy Urfdahl recieved word that Dick Turicowas looking to set up a sit down. After meeting with Turico the job sounded easy, run a security sweep/break-in to prove capabilities to Smilin Gordin’s satisfaction. Assuming the party is successful, Gordin wishes to hire them for a larger more lucrative job.

Confronting the Naga

After dealing with the evil cleric and his minions the party discovered a secret entrance into the Naga’s lair. Advancing without fear Hollis was the first to engage and the first to fall to the Captivating Charm Gaze. Remy’s accurate Heavy Crossbow Fire caused the naga immense damage with a bolt to the eye. Alistire Spelloyal was able to charm the aligators present in the water pool. Hollis, under the naga’s command, fired a deadly shot into Alistire Spelloyal puncturing multiple vital organs and plunging her body into the pool.

With half the party out of action, most due to the accurate bowfire of Hollis, Lodos was able to clamber up out of the pool and catch the Naga unawares and remove her vile head from her snake body.

The Naga's Lair
Part one

After the home invasion of a farmers family netted the party two days of solid rest, they continued to Orlene for supplies. The villagers were too intimidated to do anything in response to the party’s burning of the Golden Wheat Inn 7 days prior.

Traveling through the coniferous Nightwoods was aided by Hollis‘s abilities and Derrick’s memory of landmarks. Camping in the woods that night resulted in an encounter with a foraging black bear. The animal left without causing to great a disturbance. Upon entering the bog the party encountered several skeletons which rose to accost them. Travel Agent sent them on their way deeper into the bog. Unable to quickly discern a trail, the party followed a search pattern devised by Hollis and Derrik. Eventually they found the entrance.

Dug out of stinking peat and earth the burrow was moist, squishy, and muddy. Working with stealth and precision the team quickly eliminated the converted peasant cultists. The only group that even had a chance to react were the former members of Derrik’s crue. Having swept all the open corridors and open rooms of human opposition, the party found and dealt with a harpy, giant frogs, and troglodytes.

Descending even deeper into more solid earthen excavations, the party found a small boat that carried 3 members to a small alcove containing treasure chests. Shortly after opening the chests, the sounds of combat assailed their ears. Poling back to the landing, they saw thier companions under assault by a tall cleric in dark robes and a dark jade naga mask and his minions.

Loot so Far

The adventure continues….

Martial Law

Having stashed the wagon under Travel Agent’s care the party proceeded to do recon on Vurgenslye. Nearly half the buildings were burnt to the ground including homes, taverns, and businesses. Most of the fishing fleet was still at dock. People were going about their days. There was a strong military presence.

The contact, who never gave his name, approached Hollis saying " Mr. Finly sent me." The ship captain advised the party to make themselves known to the local Karnathi Military Officer Zakarias Ormand.

After consulting with Tribune Ormand and paying the appropriate taxes and tarrifs, the party was allowed to continue with their “fish” shipping. Whilst in the meeting, Ormand received word via messenger bird to be on the look out for a half orc wanted for questioning in regards to an armed assault. Ormand merely increased the tariff. Ormand noted that his forces had recently crushed an outbreak of dissent. He knew of the cultists but not the ultimate source of their “belief”. He asked that the party speak with an Inquisitive named Vicyor Reznikov who was investigating the matter. The party decided against such a course of action.

After making the goods exchange with Finly’s man, the party sped off in their cart heading towards the naga’s lair.

Karnathi Countryside

After traveling for several more hours through the country side the party stopped to camp. Shortly after they had settled in to a dinner of cold trail rations, a familiar voice cried out from nearby.

In the ensuing Parley, the party learned that Toleda, Crucia, and Veila had been hired to find/recover one of the young girls. They had been following the cheese wagon for 3 days attempting to catch up. They had no desire to fight the party for the cheese, they only wanted the girl they had been sent to find. Plus they had Travel Agent in a sack.

Eventually Exchanging 400 Aundarian Gold Sylphs and Travel Agent for all four Girls, Toleda was more understanding about their continued confinement once she became aware that all four were babbling, charmed cultists. Toleda claimed to know nothing about the naga cult. The two parties left on neutral terms.

The next day the road to Vurgenslye brought them into an ambush by the Broken Fang Tribe. Easily dispatching the would be bandits, the party quickly had the kobolds scampering back into their burrows.

When the party scouted Vurgenslye, they saw about half of it had recently burned down. There will still many people within the village. The party covertly entered the village and met their contact, who advised they present themselves to the Military Officer currently in charge.

Entering and Leaving Grickville

Upon entering the environs of Grickville the First thing the Party noticed was an encamped Karnathi Battalion. Proceeding by unworried the party past through the check points using Morgan Fellsgraff‘s papers and the Travel Agent’s abilities.

Once inside the village proper the Wagon was met by Gralpin Kucharski and his guards. Escorting the wagon to the the local Emerald Cheese Warehouse, the true owner of the cargo and his men were quickly overwhelmed by the party.

While discussing their next move, the party heard noise from the roof and moved to investigate. A lone female warrior got the drop on Lodos after he placed a globe of darkness near the trap door in the ceiling. Asking about the children, Toleda’s inquiry was met by an arrow passing within centimeters of her face.

Centering another globe of darkness upon himself, Lodos, tumbled away from the rapier to his throat. The others took up positions. Derrick Desleigh and Travel Agent began to carefully search for the interloper.

Toleda left the relative safety of the shadows of the warehouse to land nearly near the top of the ladder With one prodigious leap. (about a 30 ft jump at a 45 degree angle upwards) Another Arrow from Hollis just barely missed its target. With a salute the swashbuckler scampered back out onto the roof. The Travel Agent quickly changed outfits and appearance and took off in pursuit.

The remainder of the party quickly transferred the cargo off the wagon and onto a smaller and faster cart. The bound girls were dosed with Naga Juice and placed in barrels. Remy La’Bouche would have liked more time to investigate the heavy desk in the office as well as follow up on his suspicion that there was a secret trapdoor in the room, but leaving the village had become priority. Within a half hour the party (minus the Travel Agent) left town in new disguises

Recovering the Cheese

The Party Ambushed the Wagon load of cheese. Employing the classic, “we will save you!” approach, Half the party set upon the caravan, while the other half moved in to “help”. “Do you know who you’re messing with?” asked Morgan Fellsgraff, the agent in charge of the Wagon.

The ambush began with missile fire from Lodos and Remy La’Bouche. The Wagon, pulled by a team of 4 horses, was seriously discombobulated when the summoned fiendish wolf of the Travel Agenttripped one of the equines.

Hollis and Derrick Desleigh, who had been on the move since giving the signal, moved up to “help” the wagon and its outriders. As the other party memebers moved off in response, the caravans leader ordered his guards to kill the “rescuers”.


The wagon is of solid dwarven construction, Built for durability over speed. There is a single door at the rear of the wagon as well as air baffles along the top. There are no obvious ownership marking other than the embedded makers mark (in dwarven). Hearing noises within the party demanded the occupants come out. However the passengers were not so forthcoming.

The door to the wagon is locked with a relatively complex mechanism. Remy La’Bouche was able to pick his way in.

Inside the wagon: 40 twenty lb wheels of Emerald Moon Premium Biziran Cheese, aged 10 years estimated fenced value 3k-5k. And four bound young girls.

The door was shut and a wagon team put together with the remaining horses and mending spells to fix the broken wagon and harness bits. Bodies were looted and hidden off the road. Party proceeds towards Grickville and the eventual rendezvouss.

600 gp in fencable gear including a masterwork longsword and several recently mended chain shirts

100 gp in assorted coinage

5 Karrnathi IDs. including Morgan Fellsgraff Papers1

Travel Papers for Representative of Emerald Moon Cheese Factory granting Morgan and accompanying wagon, unlimited travel privileges.

+1 dagger from Snikrot the chef in Orlene

Magic whip from the wagons handler

The Cheese itself. each share could be worth as much as 700 gp

the Hostages? Unknown.

Recovering the Quill

After performing some basic recon of the Sleeping Giant the party lured and silenced two of the Draken Brothers guards. Quickly moving in on their meeting, the remaining guards were led on a chase by Hollis down through the brothel and tavern levels.

After eliminating any resistance a quick sweep of the suite produced the quill in question and the following loot.

Hammered Bronze lock box, velvet lined, Dc 15 lock. Trapped with dust of sneezing and choking DC 15 search, DC 18 disable. Velvet bag containing 12 uncut blood stones. Velvet bag containing 50 Karnathi Royals (platinum). Velvet bag dust of sneezing and choking x4. Velvet bag with 3 silver rings, 2 gold rings, set of blood stone earrings and matching medallion, gold ring of protection +1

Noble finery: 3 sets of clothing worth 500 gp total

Meeting the Midwife

After arriving in Korth, Korth

the party proceeded to meet its contact at the Silver Griffin. The well mannered hale-elf led them too Valleria’s Gift. Once Inside, armed guards disarmed the party of weapons and led them to meet The Midwife

Negotiations proceeded, and for a downright bargain price of 500 gp. the Midwife agreed to supply identity and current travel papers. Of course she wanted a favor in return for such a bargain. One of her magic quills had been stolen and was currently in the possession of the Draken Brothers. Retrieval of this item would speed up the process of acquiring fake identities.

We're Stealing What now?

Chuck Finly’s mole in the Emerald Moon Cheese Factory has tipped him off to a shipment of great worth. Leaving the details of the hijacking in your capable hands, Finly gives you the route information, an equipment stipend, and transport to Korth.

The Shipment will pass through the villages of

The Cheese is being purchased by Hyrvory and Sons a well known brokering firm for Karnathi foodstuffs.

Once the Cheese is secured the rendezvous point with the extraction team is in Vurgensyle

the cargo is 40 wheels of Emerald Moon Szbrin, aged 8 years. estimated fenced worth is 3k-5k


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