Loot From We're Stealing What Now? adventure line


*600 gp in fencable gear (Finly paid off)

*2000 gp share of the cheese profit (Finly paid off)

  • Hammered Bronze lock box, velvet lined, Dc 15 lock. Trapped with dust of sneezing and choking DC 15 search, DC 18 disable. (lodos)
  • Velvet bag containing 12 uncut blood stones(Traded).
  • Velvet bag containing 50 Karnathi Royals (platinum)(Traded).
  • Velvet bag dust of sneezing and choking x4. (Lodos)
  • Velvet bag with 3 silver rings, 2 gold rings, set bloodstone earrings and matching medallion (Traded).
  • gold ring of protection +1 (Hollis)

Noble finery: 3 sets of clothing worth 500 gp total (Remy)

*400 gold obtained from Toleda in exchange for the children.

*5 Karrnathi IDs. including Morgan Fellsgraff
*Travel Papers for Representative of Emerald Moon Cheese Factory granting Morgan and accompanying wagon, unlimited travel privileges.

*+1 dagger. slim and finely balanced. (Lodos)

  • Magic whip of beast handling. Need to be proficient for the whip to be of any use. (sold)

*Variety of necklaces, bracelets, chains and medallions taken from the Harpy’s bling collection. estimated fence value 800-1000 gp (sold)

*Cultist treasure found so far 5 chests of varying dimensions. only one trapped with a rusty needle trap. Derrik receives 40%

  • 970 gp in assorted coinage (Copper, Silver, and other)
  • 93 ornamental and semiprecious stones(azurite,lapislazuli, obsidian, onyx,jasper)1000gp (sold)
  • 20 fine gemstones (amethyst) (sold) 500 gp
  • 705 gp
  • 107 Karnathi Platinum Royals

*+1 small steel shield. well worn and somewhat battered (sold)

*+1 short sword. Handle is shaped as a dragon. the blade is etched with markings in Draconic. Remy rates the craftsmanship as superb. Gnomish, Goblinoid, possibly even Kobold in origin. (sold)

Cleric mix (Derrik all except chain shirt)
Jade Mask
Chain shirt +1
Hammer +1
Shield +1

Naga Mix
Boots of stealth +5 (lodos)
Bag of holding (Hollis)
Ring of Protection +1 (Remy)

ring swimming +10 (Hollis)
Handy haversack taken from dead Alistire Spelloyal (Remy)

2p cure moderate
1p cure light
1p. invisibility

79 Karnathi Royals
890 gp
1203 sp (Paid of customs inspector and taxes)
Ring with several large rubies and inscription 600gp. (For my dearest elanore)(Sold)


The Spirit Naga has permanently charmed a number of Karrnathi peasants. The naga has a sizeable network that has been funneling funds and art to her lair. The cultists treasure represents a portion of the expected taxes from the region. Exp 3467 each

Loot From We're Stealing What Now? adventure line

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