Retief Thul

Unknown Plate Mail Man


Spotted by in the Sleeping Giant when the party entered. He was not seen on the ground floor while Remy La’Bouche was lookout during the Recovering the Quill episode.

Sat alone smoking a pipe. mid to upper forties, salt and pepper long hair. Was wearing a suit of platemail. The armor was of fine quality but looks to be in various stages of disrepair.

Again spotted at the Gate from the Korth Commerce District into Korth Proper.He was having an exchange of words with a customs official.The young lady with him kept saying “Muylti pass” The Jackboot Secret police on the parapets seemed to be interested in the disturbance, Until the one turned and watched the party leave.

Lodos eavesdropped to the best of his ability the only thing that stood out was the mention of Rekkenmark


Retief Thul

Banditos eh? Arrixxia