Banditos eh?

The Naga's Lair

Part one

After the home invasion of a farmers family netted the party two days of solid rest, they continued to Orlene for supplies. The villagers were too intimidated to do anything in response to the party’s burning of the Golden Wheat Inn 7 days prior.

Traveling through the coniferous Nightwoods was aided by Hollis‘s abilities and Derrick’s memory of landmarks. Camping in the woods that night resulted in an encounter with a foraging black bear. The animal left without causing to great a disturbance. Upon entering the bog the party encountered several skeletons which rose to accost them. Travel Agent sent them on their way deeper into the bog. Unable to quickly discern a trail, the party followed a search pattern devised by Hollis and Derrik. Eventually they found the entrance.

Dug out of stinking peat and earth the burrow was moist, squishy, and muddy. Working with stealth and precision the team quickly eliminated the converted peasant cultists. The only group that even had a chance to react were the former members of Derrik’s crue. Having swept all the open corridors and open rooms of human opposition, the party found and dealt with a harpy, giant frogs, and troglodytes.

Descending even deeper into more solid earthen excavations, the party found a small boat that carried 3 members to a small alcove containing treasure chests. Shortly after opening the chests, the sounds of combat assailed their ears. Poling back to the landing, they saw thier companions under assault by a tall cleric in dark robes and a dark jade naga mask and his minions.

Loot so Far

The adventure continues….



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