Banditos eh?

Smilin Gordins Offer

Deciding to take a risk and trust the message From Smilin Gordin, that Dick Turico was working his own angle, the party once again descended into the Sewers of Thronehold.

Coming face to face with Smilin Gordin was a bit disconcerting. He really is an intelligent Gelatinous Cube. Dick Turico’s severed head (as well as other body parts, various rat bits and other partially digested bits) was readily apparent. By vibrating his body and working the remains of Turico’s voice box and mouth, Gordin was able to explain the mission he had in mind.

Gordin wants a specific book out of the Rekkenmark Academy Library a companion tome to the Jubelix Grimore. Entitled Ysontzel’s Folio on oozes, slimes, and molds. He offered a sizable down payment of 5,000 gp to retain the party’s services with another 10,000 to be paid upon completion.

Gordin’s network has discovered that an accurate scale model of the Library exists. It currently resides in the hands of Nardolf Himmerdahl, a minor noble in the large village of Niern.

Accepting the mission the party began shopping for information and gear.
Unfortunately for the party at this time large regiments of regular military units began landing on the island. For a city used to loose rules and no regulation, sources of gear and information dried up overnight. Rumors that the Four Nations were getting ready for a massive offensive against Demon City Shinjuku.

In addition to Regular Army Regiments, Karrnath took the opportunity to send Bounty Agents to Thronehold. Chief among these is Veila the Huntress. As the heat increases Hollis and the party look to leave Thronehold as soon as possible. They catch a ride from Cyrilys and the Rum Runners, in return for a small payment and a future favor.



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