Banditos eh?

Return to Thronehold

After returning to Thronehold and fencing the loot, the party resumed thier usual activities. While looking for work 3 seperate offers came in.

Hollis was escorted before the Ambassador from Aundair and warned that if tangible evidence comes to light that he was involved with the assault on Gralpin Kucharski, the ambassador would have no difficulty extraditing him to face Karnathi Justice. If he wanted to, Hollis could undertake a mission to get back on the ambassadors good side or sever his remaining ties to the Aundarian Royal Eyes

Lodos recieved a cryptic encoded message from a former friend and contact. This contact had not been heard from in neigh on a decade and was pressumed dead. The message is an old meet point established towards the end of The Last War. The rendezvous point lies within the Mournland.

Remy Urfdahl recieved word that Dick Turicowas looking to set up a sit down. After meeting with Turico the job sounded easy, run a security sweep/break-in to prove capabilities to Smilin Gordin’s satisfaction. Assuming the party is successful, Gordin wishes to hire them for a larger more lucrative job.



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