Banditos eh?

Martial Law

Having stashed the wagon under Travel Agent’s care the party proceeded to do recon on Vurgenslye. Nearly half the buildings were burnt to the ground including homes, taverns, and businesses. Most of the fishing fleet was still at dock. People were going about their days. There was a strong military presence.

The contact, who never gave his name, approached Hollis saying " Mr. Finly sent me." The ship captain advised the party to make themselves known to the local Karnathi Military Officer Zakarias Ormand.

After consulting with Tribune Ormand and paying the appropriate taxes and tarrifs, the party was allowed to continue with their “fish” shipping. Whilst in the meeting, Ormand received word via messenger bird to be on the look out for a half orc wanted for questioning in regards to an armed assault. Ormand merely increased the tariff. Ormand noted that his forces had recently crushed an outbreak of dissent. He knew of the cultists but not the ultimate source of their “belief”. He asked that the party speak with an Inquisitive named Vicyor Reznikov who was investigating the matter. The party decided against such a course of action.

After making the goods exchange with Finly’s man, the party sped off in their cart heading towards the naga’s lair.



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