Banditos eh?

Running Though the Hinterlands

After being dropped of by smugglers near the ruins of Shadukar in Thrane, the party decided to take a longer route around the edges of thrane territory rather than risk arrest in the capitol of Flamekeep.

Within the ruins of Shadukar the party discovered a thriving refugee community. A small contingent of gypsies was present and bartered with the party. A good time was had by all that evening.

Traveling through the wilderness of the Burnt Wood the party was assaulted by an owlbear which was quickly dispatched. Tracking it back to its lair, little treasure was found, but 2 small cubs were captured and placed into a hastily constructed cage.

Later upon the trail two goblins were heard at a distance arguing about what to do with a dwarf and his magic weapon. Following the sounds, the party was drawn into a Quicklings ambush. A few good/lucky strikes later and the tiny fey was dealt with.

After traveling further afield the party arrived at a lightning rail station near Aruldusk.

After traveling along the rail as long as they thought was safe, the party got off and traveled overland on foot as they did not posses travel papers or appropriate documentation of identity. Hollis successfully guided the party using old routes he had scouted through Thrane during the Last War, the party took solace in a small tavern on the outskirts of Aundair.

Halflings and Warforged made the day trip to the bar an interesting one. Innocents were slaughtered by the Warforged who seemed to be more interested in the Halflings.

Turns out the Halflings had pilfered something that the Warforged wanted returned to them badly. The party aided in the escape of several of the bystanders while at the same time dispatching most of the renegade constructs. Unfortunately the party did not wreck them beyond repair.

After sitting in the woods for a couple hours observing the now abandoned inn, they heard the sound of hammering and crafting. 5 of the original 6 warforged in the attack were repaired enough to leave the inn.

Shortly there after both the party and the halflings stealthily approached the building and each other. The halflings had secreted the item in question (a schema pattern) on Remy’s person during the escape, they were looking to reacquire it. In the end they also acquired the 2 owl bear cubs and and the cage after some successful bargaining by Hollis.

The party moved on quickly through Aundair as only Hollis and Toldea possessed Aundairin identification. Hollis’s knowledge of the Area allowed the party to skirt the beaten path and avoid any entanglements.



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