Banditos eh?

Into the Sewers

Upon the return to Thronehold from Karrnath and stealing the Emerald Moon Cheese, the party received their share of the take from Koleth one of Chuck Finly’s retainers.

Within Hours of hitting the waterfront with pocketfuls of gold, Lodos received a coded message from an old contact he worked with during the Last War. Grif Griswald, a human agent/warrior from Cyre. The message was rather cryptic mentioning only that he was in trouble and gave his location as near the ruins of Eston.

Hollis was gently escorted to the Aundarian Embassy, where he received a dressing down from Peglar-Gordan’denay. Given the option to undertake a mission in service to his former employers, he politely declined.

Remy received word through the criminal underworld that Dick Turico had a job opportunity for him.

Opting to take the job from Dick Turico and the Thronehold Sewer Workers Guild. The job was a breaking and entering of a local wizards estate and lifting the book Jubelix Grimore. If successful, Dick Turico claimed the party would get a sit down with Smiling Gordin



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