Banditos eh?

Confronting the Naga

After dealing with the evil cleric and his minions the party discovered a secret entrance into the Naga’s lair. Advancing without fear Hollis was the first to engage and the first to fall to the Captivating Charm Gaze. Remy’s accurate Heavy Crossbow Fire caused the naga immense damage with a bolt to the eye. Alistire Spelloyal was able to charm the aligators present in the water pool. Hollis, under the naga’s command, fired a deadly shot into Alistire Spelloyal puncturing multiple vital organs and plunging her body into the pool.

With half the party out of action, most due to the accurate bowfire of Hollis, Lodos was able to clamber up out of the pool and catch the Naga unawares and remove her vile head from her snake body.



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