Banditos eh?

Belloc's Mansion

Belloc’s Mansion was filled with an assortment of bizarre beasties. Including a two strange cat beasts that had snakes grafted to its shoulders, A cat with literally nine lives, and many dangerous traps. From clues in the building it became apparent that Belloc had failed at some incantation or summoning attempt. After ransacking the mansion for valuables the party returned to the secret entrance in the sewers.

Dick Turico and his goblin minions were waiting for the party. Sensing something was amiss, the party remained in the secret passage and when things turned violent they fled back up through the mansion. Escaping from the estate by going over the walls, the party disappeared into the night.

Over the course of the next 2 days Mirim bought the carpet off the party, the party fenced most of the other items and Greven arrived with a sack full of gold and a message from Smillin Gordin



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