Banditos eh?

Arcanix and Lake Galifar

The party reached Arcanix worn out and weary from two weeks of overland travel. Hoping to find a merchant or wizard who dealt in magical goods the party was disappointed to find out the Wizards of Arcanix jealously clung to their secrets and inventions.

The village itself was rather standard except for the obvious use of magic in the construction of the inhabitants homes and businesses. Unable to procure any specialized gear the party refreshed their consumable supplies, and rested while they looked for an easier way to travel to Niern than marching. An Orien trade road circled Lake Galifar, but it was decided that a border crossing would be dangerous, plus the usual home invasion technique of horse procurement was considered iffy in the Arcanix region. Travel across the inland sea by boat was decided upon and passage upon the good ship Laughing Manticore was booked (after a fashion).

Captain Droog and his crew got the party safely across half of the inland sea when disaster struck. Pirates! A flotilla of four pirate corvettes set upon the Laughing Manticore. The crew and the party were able to outmaneuver most of the vessels and set aflame the one that got to close. Unfortunately pirates were not the only things prowling the giant lake. Kraken



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