Banditos eh?

Arcanix and Lake Galifar

The party reached Arcanix worn out and weary from two weeks of overland travel. Hoping to find a merchant or wizard who dealt in magical goods the party was disappointed to find out the Wizards of Arcanix jealously clung to their secrets and inventions.

The village itself was rather standard except for the obvious use of magic in the construction of the inhabitants homes and businesses. Unable to procure any specialized gear the party refreshed their consumable supplies, and rested while they looked for an easier way to travel to Niern than marching. An Orien trade road circled Lake Galifar, but it was decided that a border crossing would be dangerous, plus the usual home invasion technique of horse procurement was considered iffy in the Arcanix region. Travel across the inland sea by boat was decided upon and passage upon the good ship Laughing Manticore was booked (after a fashion).

Captain Droog and his crew got the party safely across half of the inland sea when disaster struck. Pirates! A flotilla of four pirate corvettes set upon the Laughing Manticore. The crew and the party were able to outmaneuver most of the vessels and set aflame the one that got to close. Unfortunately pirates were not the only things prowling the giant lake. Kraken

Running Though the Hinterlands

After being dropped of by smugglers near the ruins of Shadukar in Thrane, the party decided to take a longer route around the edges of thrane territory rather than risk arrest in the capitol of Flamekeep.

Within the ruins of Shadukar the party discovered a thriving refugee community. A small contingent of gypsies was present and bartered with the party. A good time was had by all that evening.

Traveling through the wilderness of the Burnt Wood the party was assaulted by an owlbear which was quickly dispatched. Tracking it back to its lair, little treasure was found, but 2 small cubs were captured and placed into a hastily constructed cage.

Later upon the trail two goblins were heard at a distance arguing about what to do with a dwarf and his magic weapon. Following the sounds, the party was drawn into a Quicklings ambush. A few good/lucky strikes later and the tiny fey was dealt with.

After traveling further afield the party arrived at a lightning rail station near Aruldusk.

After traveling along the rail as long as they thought was safe, the party got off and traveled overland on foot as they did not posses travel papers or appropriate documentation of identity. Hollis successfully guided the party using old routes he had scouted through Thrane during the Last War, the party took solace in a small tavern on the outskirts of Aundair.

Halflings and Warforged made the day trip to the bar an interesting one. Innocents were slaughtered by the Warforged who seemed to be more interested in the Halflings.

Turns out the Halflings had pilfered something that the Warforged wanted returned to them badly. The party aided in the escape of several of the bystanders while at the same time dispatching most of the renegade constructs. Unfortunately the party did not wreck them beyond repair.

After sitting in the woods for a couple hours observing the now abandoned inn, they heard the sound of hammering and crafting. 5 of the original 6 warforged in the attack were repaired enough to leave the inn.

Shortly there after both the party and the halflings stealthily approached the building and each other. The halflings had secreted the item in question (a schema pattern) on Remy’s person during the escape, they were looking to reacquire it. In the end they also acquired the 2 owl bear cubs and and the cage after some successful bargaining by Hollis.

The party moved on quickly through Aundair as only Hollis and Toldea possessed Aundairin identification. Hollis’s knowledge of the Area allowed the party to skirt the beaten path and avoid any entanglements.

Smilin Gordins Offer

Deciding to take a risk and trust the message From Smilin Gordin, that Dick Turico was working his own angle, the party once again descended into the Sewers of Thronehold.

Coming face to face with Smilin Gordin was a bit disconcerting. He really is an intelligent Gelatinous Cube. Dick Turico’s severed head (as well as other body parts, various rat bits and other partially digested bits) was readily apparent. By vibrating his body and working the remains of Turico’s voice box and mouth, Gordin was able to explain the mission he had in mind.

Gordin wants a specific book out of the Rekkenmark Academy Library a companion tome to the Jubelix Grimore. Entitled Ysontzel’s Folio on oozes, slimes, and molds. He offered a sizable down payment of 5,000 gp to retain the party’s services with another 10,000 to be paid upon completion.

Gordin’s network has discovered that an accurate scale model of the Library exists. It currently resides in the hands of Nardolf Himmerdahl, a minor noble in the large village of Niern.

Accepting the mission the party began shopping for information and gear.
Unfortunately for the party at this time large regiments of regular military units began landing on the island. For a city used to loose rules and no regulation, sources of gear and information dried up overnight. Rumors that the Four Nations were getting ready for a massive offensive against Demon City Shinjuku.

In addition to Regular Army Regiments, Karrnath took the opportunity to send Bounty Agents to Thronehold. Chief among these is Veila the Huntress. As the heat increases Hollis and the party look to leave Thronehold as soon as possible. They catch a ride from Cyrilys and the Rum Runners, in return for a small payment and a future favor.

Belloc's Mansion

Belloc’s Mansion was filled with an assortment of bizarre beasties. Including a two strange cat beasts that had snakes grafted to its shoulders, A cat with literally nine lives, and many dangerous traps. From clues in the building it became apparent that Belloc had failed at some incantation or summoning attempt. After ransacking the mansion for valuables the party returned to the secret entrance in the sewers.

Dick Turico and his goblin minions were waiting for the party. Sensing something was amiss, the party remained in the secret passage and when things turned violent they fled back up through the mansion. Escaping from the estate by going over the walls, the party disappeared into the night.

Over the course of the next 2 days Mirim bought the carpet off the party, the party fenced most of the other items and Greven arrived with a sack full of gold and a message from Smillin Gordin

I've Got a Proposition for You

Casing of Belloc’s Mansion from street level did not reveal much information other than the surrounding wall was heavily warded.

Three local Wizards approached the party, each wanting something from Belloc’s home.

Mirim Galweather, a graying, red nosed, wizardess was interested in obtaining Belloc’s flying carpet.

Greven the Short, a gnomish diviner/illusionist was extremely interested in obtaining Belloc’s scrying stone.

Tullinot Grimm was so eager to have the entirety of Belloc’s possessions and estate that he attempted to use enchantment spells upon the party. He paid for his presumption with his life.

Other information gleaned was thin. It was decided to enter the estate from the sewers below.

Into the Sewers

Upon the return to Thronehold from Karrnath and stealing the Emerald Moon Cheese, the party received their share of the take from Koleth one of Chuck Finly’s retainers.

Within Hours of hitting the waterfront with pocketfuls of gold, Lodos received a coded message from an old contact he worked with during the Last War. Grif Griswald, a human agent/warrior from Cyre. The message was rather cryptic mentioning only that he was in trouble and gave his location as near the ruins of Eston.

Hollis was gently escorted to the Aundarian Embassy, where he received a dressing down from Peglar-Gordan’denay. Given the option to undertake a mission in service to his former employers, he politely declined.

Remy received word through the criminal underworld that Dick Turico had a job opportunity for him.

Opting to take the job from Dick Turico and the Thronehold Sewer Workers Guild. The job was a breaking and entering of a local wizards estate and lifting the book Jubelix Grimore. If successful, Dick Turico claimed the party would get a sit down with Smiling Gordin

Return to Thronehold

After returning to Thronehold and fencing the loot, the party resumed thier usual activities. While looking for work 3 seperate offers came in.

Hollis was escorted before the Ambassador from Aundair and warned that if tangible evidence comes to light that he was involved with the assault on Gralpin Kucharski, the ambassador would have no difficulty extraditing him to face Karnathi Justice. If he wanted to, Hollis could undertake a mission to get back on the ambassadors good side or sever his remaining ties to the Aundarian Royal Eyes

Lodos recieved a cryptic encoded message from a former friend and contact. This contact had not been heard from in neigh on a decade and was pressumed dead. The message is an old meet point established towards the end of The Last War. The rendezvous point lies within the Mournland.

Remy Urfdahl recieved word that Dick Turicowas looking to set up a sit down. After meeting with Turico the job sounded easy, run a security sweep/break-in to prove capabilities to Smilin Gordin’s satisfaction. Assuming the party is successful, Gordin wishes to hire them for a larger more lucrative job.

Confronting the Naga

After dealing with the evil cleric and his minions the party discovered a secret entrance into the Naga’s lair. Advancing without fear Hollis was the first to engage and the first to fall to the Captivating Charm Gaze. Remy’s accurate Heavy Crossbow Fire caused the naga immense damage with a bolt to the eye. Alistire Spelloyal was able to charm the aligators present in the water pool. Hollis, under the naga’s command, fired a deadly shot into Alistire Spelloyal puncturing multiple vital organs and plunging her body into the pool.

With half the party out of action, most due to the accurate bowfire of Hollis, Lodos was able to clamber up out of the pool and catch the Naga unawares and remove her vile head from her snake body.

The Naga's Lair
Part one

After the home invasion of a farmers family netted the party two days of solid rest, they continued to Orlene for supplies. The villagers were too intimidated to do anything in response to the party’s burning of the Golden Wheat Inn 7 days prior.

Traveling through the coniferous Nightwoods was aided by Hollis‘s abilities and Derrick’s memory of landmarks. Camping in the woods that night resulted in an encounter with a foraging black bear. The animal left without causing to great a disturbance. Upon entering the bog the party encountered several skeletons which rose to accost them. Travel Agent sent them on their way deeper into the bog. Unable to quickly discern a trail, the party followed a search pattern devised by Hollis and Derrik. Eventually they found the entrance.

Dug out of stinking peat and earth the burrow was moist, squishy, and muddy. Working with stealth and precision the team quickly eliminated the converted peasant cultists. The only group that even had a chance to react were the former members of Derrik’s crue. Having swept all the open corridors and open rooms of human opposition, the party found and dealt with a harpy, giant frogs, and troglodytes.

Descending even deeper into more solid earthen excavations, the party found a small boat that carried 3 members to a small alcove containing treasure chests. Shortly after opening the chests, the sounds of combat assailed their ears. Poling back to the landing, they saw thier companions under assault by a tall cleric in dark robes and a dark jade naga mask and his minions.

Loot so Far

The adventure continues….

Martial Law

Having stashed the wagon under Travel Agent’s care the party proceeded to do recon on Vurgenslye. Nearly half the buildings were burnt to the ground including homes, taverns, and businesses. Most of the fishing fleet was still at dock. People were going about their days. There was a strong military presence.

The contact, who never gave his name, approached Hollis saying " Mr. Finly sent me." The ship captain advised the party to make themselves known to the local Karnathi Military Officer Zakarias Ormand.

After consulting with Tribune Ormand and paying the appropriate taxes and tarrifs, the party was allowed to continue with their “fish” shipping. Whilst in the meeting, Ormand received word via messenger bird to be on the look out for a half orc wanted for questioning in regards to an armed assault. Ormand merely increased the tariff. Ormand noted that his forces had recently crushed an outbreak of dissent. He knew of the cultists but not the ultimate source of their “belief”. He asked that the party speak with an Inquisitive named Vicyor Reznikov who was investigating the matter. The party decided against such a course of action.

After making the goods exchange with Finly’s man, the party sped off in their cart heading towards the naga’s lair.


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